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By | december 11, 2016

Speaking with oma

Speaking with oma


Dear friends,

When we overlook the past year in chronological order we first come to the birth of ……

He is born on the 1th of February, a big boy for Bart and Josca. Unfortunately we were very concerned about Josca at that time, because she had very bad complications after Nathan was born. So it took a longer time for her to recover. But we are thankful to our God, that now the things go finally better. Nathan is growing very well and from October I (An) have the privilege to take care of him one day per week.
On the picture: speaking with “Oma” – here he is 2 months.


Surgery Ad
Ad had the last year regularly gallstone attacks, very painful. The result was, that he had a gallbladder surgery om the 12th of May. He recovered very well. He was only one night in the hospital.   For a short time he kept quiet, but very soon I couldn’t hold him at home. There is always a lot of work in the GAiN office/storehouse and also in the Foodbank. We are thankful, that there are many voluntaries around him, and of course he tries to have one free day per week on Tuesday. But….there is almost always a “something” to do, so that he cannot stay at home….

Help transport to Greece/holiday (?)
We had planned our holiday in the 2th half of June. But the same idea had many of our voluntary truck drivers (most of them are 60 or older). They all want to go in holiday just before the very busy holiday time starts. Just in that time we had a truck full with food and other materials for a church in Thessaloniki (Greece). This church is helping the refugees there a lot.
So we decided to go ourselves, as a kind of holiday;). It was good to do this. On the picture you can see Cathy, standing in the middle between us. She holds a little girl, 10 years old, that has no mother anymore. It was very special to be in this refugee camp and to experience the love and hospitality of these people in such a desperate situation.


dsc_0028Finally we had at the end of July/begin of August a short holiday with our tent. Ad was every morning baking eggs outside and we walked also a lot. We like this simple way of holiday.

We are thankful that we still have the health and the energy to do so much. We want to thank all the people, who support us, also  financially. Only in this way we have the financial possibility to go on.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas time and Gods blessings and his peace in 2017!

Ad & An

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