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By | december 23, 2015


Dear friends,

There is an old Dutch song, that says: hours, days, months and years, they fly like a shadow. These are old words for a current reality. For us it seems that time flies always faster. Maybe because we are getting older;).

We both are still very busy all the time and we admonish each other very often to take it more easy…..Happily we found the time for our family day in September, however the son of our second son was not with us then. He had found a part-time job just on that Saturday, 19th September. At this moment we are with 21 persons and we are expecting Bart and Josca’s baby, our12th grandchild, at the beginning of February!


In the last year things didn’t change so much. Ad is still working for GAiN (  and the Foodbank. Anneke is still working in Moving-On ( In May was Ad’s 65th birthday. For more information about this day and all other things that happened, you can look on our own website (

We are very happy with our sponsors that helped us financially to do all the things we did. We had more than enough and we can see Gods loving hand in all this.

We wish you all Gods blessings and peace in 2016. And….you are always welcome in our home!

With love,DSC_0063

Ad & Anneke

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